Monday, November 1, 2010

The Ocular Lumberjack

As I walk along life’s long winding track, I often see passersby alone or in packs,
Some walking right with head held high, some stumbling blindly with a twig in their eye.
So I notice that twig how it’s blocking their sight, so I interfere and grab on to them tight,
I fuss and I point, try to show them the way, I’ll offer advice, listen and pray.
I bless them and send them and wish them God Speed, still stumbling and falling and much in need.

I’m scratching my head at this puzzling plight, why can’t these people get their life right,
Why don’t they listen to my intelligent words, why does my sown seed become food for the Birds?
How can they continue the way they are going, blindly searching to-ing and fro-ing?
But The Lord interferes and gives me a teaching, shows me something deep and far reaching,
It’s something I needed badly to know, something only Jesus himself could show.

All of a sudden I just couldn’t see, except for the trunk of a really big tree,
Like standing in jungle, oppressive and dark, so now I’m the one stumbling all over the park.
My vision was filled with logs thick and thin, I could see nothing else, no light could get in,
I walked into walls and fell into holes, tripped over on rocks and ran into poles.
And after a while I’d just had enough, I cried out for help, seems I wasn’t so tough,

Then there stood The Lord who gave me an axe, he said “Get busy cutting son”, I swear that’s a fact,
So I started chopping and did what I was told, and one by one those trees started to fold.
I could first see a little and then a bit more, which made me chop faster than I did before,
And finally clear vision was rewarded to me, I’d done the hard work “I can see, I can see”.
Now maybe my way will be clear so that I, can assist others with a twig in their eye!!!

Just when you think you are doing alright in life and you have it all figured out the Lord is there to teach you a lesson you badly needed. God is Good folks. Get to work on those Logs and you will see clearly to assist your Brother or Sister with their twigs. It’s just as well wood chopping is a popular Australian sport!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Freaky Jesus People

The world moves along at its own cracking pace,
With no thought for times, or regard for the place,
The un-saved like Dogs, seek their body’s satiation,
With no thoughts of the spirit or eternal salvation,
They can all see the church, they notice the steeple,
But pretend not to see the Freaky Jesus People.

Like a donkey with a carrot in front of its face,
They follow along blindly on the path of disgrace,
What’s good for one is not good for the other,
In their own foolish ways the un-regenerate smother,
But Satan has tricked them with guile like a Weasel,
To make them all hate the Freaky Jesus People.

They protest with placards and try to make changes,
In gatherings of troublesome hell bound strangers,
They try to make sin the law of the day,
So they don’t have to think about their moral decay,
They think they are strong against the weak and feeble,
They target and decry the Freaky Jesus People.

Has it ever been different? History says no,
Believers have trouble wherever they go,
It’s only the depth of the trouble that varies,
From a world gone mad and living contrary,
Each day like the last, a never ending sequel,
Despising the Freaky Jesus People.

But that is our lot to be hated and scorned,
To be stoned and abused tattered and torn,
They hated the Lord whose example we follow,
So if troubles are yours don’t wallow in sorrow,
Lift up your head, praise God and be cheerful,
Be one of the blessed Freaky Jesus People.

The world and its un-regenerate inhabitants whirls off in the direction of destruction all the time pointing the finger of accusation against the “Freaks” who believe in Jesus, thinking that we are the ones missing out on the great lifestyle and the fun of life. If you call chasing after the wants of the body and having no power over your will living, then I guess that is true. If you call doing whatever pleases you at the expense of others and common decency while thumbing your nose at the Lord of Glory living, then I guess that is true too. Personally I don’t think that is living at all. All that I need for living is outlined in the Bible and though I’m far from perfect and never as faithful as I would like to be, I choose God.
Though this description of an unregenerate world may sound harsh, you only have to look around to know it is true. If you would like your Christian eyes opened to the plight of the world, you just need to head into town on a Friday night find somewhere to sit and watch people. You will be shocked at the events and actions that unfold before your eyes. Be sorry for them my fellow Saints. As they spitefully abuse you and call you names, laugh at your Bible belief and moral standing, feel sorry for them and pray, for the day is coming when every knee shall bow before the Lord and it will be too late for them then.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Wake Up & Smell The Coffee

I had a vision come to me
The Lord with wounds that bled
He came up close to talk to me
And I fell down as dead
His eyes were deep and filled with truth
To which I could be led
Then he picked me up and spoke
And this is what he said

Wake up and smell the coffee son
I’m comin back today
Clean up your act and walk my path
Or else your gonna pay
There's gonna be a judgement son
All men's sins will be displayed
I’ll reap the fields and burn the chaff
And then I’m gonna stay.

I’m gonna stay and make the world
A Godly place to be
When I get there to those who come
I’ll surely give the key
To eternal life, undying love
Then everyone will see
That I am Lord, Creations King
There’s none more great than me.

Wake up and smell the coffee Church
Go live what you believe
Look to me and not the world
Or forever you will grieve
Be aware of constant danger
Or the Enemy will deceive
Time is short so follow me
And your woes I will relieve.

World, wake up and smell the coffee! You are going the wrong way and your destruction is sneaking up on you. Enough said. Church, wake up and smell the toast! Leave behind your religion and popular Christianity, stop playing at church and live it.

The Sinners Lament

The day of the trial has come about,
The Angels are reaping, North and South,
All sinners are queued awaiting their turn,
To be judged, to be thrown, forever to burn.

One looks to the other for courage and support,
But no other cares, compassion is naught,
They have their own terrors, sorrow and cares,
The full weight of the law on their shoulders they bear.

As the line shortens ones restlessness grows,
Is that sulphur he smells with his spiritual nose?
What's going to happen? What’ll become of me?
What lies ahead? What can there be?

Begging and screams can be heard from up front,
But the line still moves forward without incident or stunt,
He can’t stop his movement, there’s no place to run,
At last he’s arrived. His judgements begun.

Flat on his face before the God he ignored,
Restrained by Angels with flaming swords,
Tears of fear flowing from terrified eyes,
As he listens to those who preceded him cry.

The order is given to open the books,
For a sign of his name the Angels look,
When nothing is found, his life comes under scrutiny,
Every sin is remembered and his spiritual mutiny.

The command is heard for him to be taken,
And cast into the lake of eternal damnation,
Trembling and pleading, he screams his contrition,
Too late to avert punishment for a life of perdition.

As he falls from the Heavens to torture below,
Banished and forsaken, with the others he’ll go,
To a Christless eternity where tears will be shed,
Forgotten, ignored, spiritually dead.

For pity’s sake don’t let this happen to you,
Find the truth in the Bible and live to pursue,
The path to redemption and freedom from fear,
Live forever with God, in your heart hold him near.

Close your eyes and picture a close relative or friend who is not saved, then put them in the queue with all the other sinners. It’s very upsetting to think of your Spouse or Mother in this terrible position isn’t it. Although the long queue is an unlikely scenario, the feelings of the sinner on the Lord’s day described above are spot on. Wouldn’t it be terrible for us or our families to know the terror of the Lord for the sake of one mistake. We must be quick to confess sin and seek forgiveness lest that day come upon us as a thief.

The Church's Warning

All churches of modern society take heed,
Are you right with God? Are you up to speed?
Read on and determine which category you’re in,
Then act accordingly or your future is grim.

Do the first works get done or are your labours spread thin?
Or have you left your first love by the fall into sin?
If you have then repent! Or Jesus will come upon thee,
And remove you and your church from his grace eternally.

Though you dwell beside Satan, you are faithful and sure,
You are spiritually rich, but in the flesh you are poor.
When suffering comes hold fast, don’t despair,
Overcome to the end and a crown of life you’ll wear.

Are there those among you who hamper the rest?
With impure doctrines, putting all to the test.
Repent, overcome and forgive seventy times seven,
And receive hidden manna and reward of Heaven.

Do you allow false prophets to seduce you and teach?
Or are you not fooled by their deceptive speech?
Don’t be blind sheep, hold fast to the Word,
The Lord’s victory you’ll share when his shout is heard.

Though your works say to others “Look, we are alive”,
I tell you your dead! For Jesus ways you must strive.
To be perfect for God, repent and again be born,
Or from the Lambs Book of Life your name will be torn.

If God's Word you have kept and not shown denial,
He’ll protect you from enemies and the worlds trials.
The door will be open so hold on to your crown,
You’ll be pillars of strength. On the weak you’ll frown.

If you are lukewarm and through life you are coasting,
You’ll be spewed out of God’s presence, forever toasting.
You may appear rich, but your poor inside,
Take Jesus’s riches and in his righteousness reside.

By now you know where your church fits in,
Don’t fool yourself, be honest, admit your sin.
The Lord loves a sinner who is willing to change,
So don’t feel threatened, abnormal or strange.

If your church wont adjust for the Lord then I say,
Get out of her friends and find the true way.
Seek out the persecuted, humble and contrite,
For they are the Saints who have got it right.

I have to say that there are a lot of churches out there that fall into the above categories, (for some that is good news). All people are easily misled no matter what denomination they belong to. The Enemy knows this and will use it to his advantage always, by introducing false doctrines or teachings into what used to be a Bible believing congregation. We all need to examine our spiritual lives constantly in conjunction with Biblical guidance, to “pull the weeds out of our gardens”, and stay in touch with God’s will.

Milennium Stuff

As the century closes, a milestone is reached,
For two thousand years the Gospel’s been preached.
Jesus Christ is a name known to all of mankind,
Yet all but a remnant are stubborn and blind.

Although the Bible gives hope, people choose not to read,
No matter their colour and no matter their creed.
They fall for ideals that are popular and smart,
They listen to their heads instead of their hearts.

It’s a brand new millenium. Dawn of the New Age,
Man creates his own destiny and pays his own wage.
You too can be God, he’s a part of all things,
Just harness life’s powers and spread your mind’s wings.

Our future looks bleak, a world drowning in war,
People believe what Nostrodamus saw.
Hemispheres destroyed, global nuclear disaster,
Man moves along fast, but fate’s even faster.

There’s comets and meteors headed this way,
Collision with Earth is what scientists say.
The Dinosaurs went out the same way you know,
Toward global extinction, man’s on the go.

Crashing Tsunamis are what some Psychics think,
Whole coastlines and cities washed into the drink.
Move up to the mountains is the favorite advice,
Withdraw from society and let the rest pay the price.

The Millenium Bug will wreak havoc new year’s eve,
The computers will crash so the Boffin’s beleive.
Starving people will riot and chaos will rule,
So stock up on provisions and don’t be a fool.

But what I don’t get is as follows my friends,
In relation to things of the millenium’s end.
Why do people beleive man’s silly stories,
And scoff at the God of infinite glories?

So if you think the millenium is the end of all things,
I can tell you it’s not over till the fat lady sings.
But the fat lady’s quiet, her voice wont be heard,
For she knows the truth of the everlasting Word!

All I can say to you who may be searching for an answer to the plight of this confusing, dying world is this. Don’t beleive everything you see in the papers, hear on the news or read about in science magazines. In their desperation to find answers to lifes meaning people often forget the one book that contains all the answers any person could ever ask, the Bible. Between it’s pages lie the answers to questions like “How will the world end” and “How will we feed the starving”. Please don’t be fooled by the cleverness and seemingly straightforward doctrines that are around these days. Hear everything, but take what you have heard and compare it and test it against the Word of God and I guarantee you that anything that is false will not stand up against it.

Man's Last Day

What will occur on the day of the Lord?
The day when the last trump is heard.
What chain of events will affect life on Earth?
From Mankind to the smallest Bird.

Just stop and think about what you will say,
When the Lord of Hosts calls out your name.
Will you step forward and hold your head high?
Or hide as you cower in shame.

And what of the world and it’s ungodly ways?
What force can it field on that day?
Are armies of men greater than God?
Can weapons of war keep Holy vengeance at bay?

And what of the sinner? Can he run and hide?
When he realises the truth of the Word.
At the end it’s too late to change and repent,
Will his pleas for mercy be heard?

And how will the Lord’s countenance appear?
He once was the Lamb but no more.
This time as the Lion, snarling with wrath?
A frightening sight to the spiritually poor.

And how much deeper will man’s terror be?
When his glorious works cannot stand.
His towers are rubble, his Kingdoms are waste,
At one touch of the Holiest hand.

And where is man’s courage on his worst day?
When the rivers of blood overflow.
When the bodies are stacked to the mountain tops,
Where does his pride and boasting go?

And what of the Serpent and his Army of death?
Now that their damage is done.
Do they chuckle and jibe at a docile world?
That they’ve led to the pit just for fun.

But what of the Church on this great day?
When service is paid it’s reward.
Are they in the arms of the Father they’ve loved?
Untouched by the vengeful, Holy Sword.

I think they’ll be heard all over the world,
As God judges the hearts of men.
With unequalled joy they’ll look to the Earth,
And they’ll pray, “Even so, Amen”.

Where will you be on that day? If you don’t know God you better ask yourself this question and choose a side. There is only two sides to choose from, the winners and the losers. It is predestined by God that Satan and the world are not the winners, but the choice is yours to decide your own way. Those in the Church might want to take a good look at themselves and ensure that they can stand before God blameless and without blemish. As for me, I’m stocking up on scouring pads and getting busy on those stubborn stains!!